Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase a timelapse footage?

The portfolio brings all footage together. You can use the filters to get better results: duration, location, motion, moment, editorial/non-editorial or format. All clips can be added to you cart.

How can I pay?

You can pay using Paypal or any kind of credit and debit cards (secured by Paypal). All pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Can I try first?

Yes, and it is simple! Go to the home page and download a sample footage. It is a 10 second footage in true 4K resolution (4096 x 20160) at 60fps, encoded in .mov (ProRes 10bit) or in .mp4 (H.264 8bit). It allows you to try it in your project. Be assured that all the videos available on my website are encoded with the exact same settings (frame rate, resolution, codecs).
If the quality suits your needs and expectations, you can purchase a license!
If the quality disappoints you, feel free to contact me in order to find a way to meet your expectations.

How to download your purchases?

After payment you will receive an email with a download link (I chose Google Drive to host the entire footage portfolio). Paste the link into your browser or download manager and download the clip.
Note: using a download manager software can help! Due to the large size of the files, it is convenient to be able to pause the download and resume it without having to start the download from the beginning.

Why are the files that large?

All the video sequences are available in very high quality: True 4K (4096 × 2160) encoded in ProRes-422 (10bit), at 60 fps and are 10 seconds long or more.
It allows you to crop, resize, downscale or animate your project as well as reduce the speed up to 40% and still keep a standard 24 fps quality.

Why are prices different from one clip to another?

Pricing vary from one time-lapse clip to another for different reasons: equipment used, time needed to produce the footage, its duration and its rarity.

What kind of licensing are you buying?

When you purchase a time-lapse video on my website, you own the clip and can use it in an unlimited number of projects, worldwide with no time limit. This is royalty-free.

“Editorial” vs “Non-editorial” footage, what is it?

An Editorial clip is a clip that contains logos, brands, recognizable faces or any kind of intellectual property.
You may use Editorial videos in news articles, documentaries and blogs. But you cannot use Editorial content for commercial purposes, such as advertisement or other promotional use.
If you find a way to remove or blur any of the logos, brands, recognizable faces or intellectual property visible, the clip can become Non-Editorial.
You can filter Editorial vs Non-editorial footages in the Portfolio, or check the video details.