About me…

My name is Sébastien,

but all my friends call me Seb.



I grew up in Fontainebleau, France and after having travelled a part of the world, I now consider Sydney my home.

I travel the biggest cities and the sublime landscapes of this world for several years: Europe, Middle East, Asia, and now Oceania. I did not find a word strong enough to describe what all these destinations, all those moments, were telling me about. I found in time-lapse photography the best way to tell my travels, and I like that!

I put my bags there two years ago and I immediately fell in love with the colors that the city adorns itself at any time of the day. That's where I got the urge to offer these stories on internet. In my opinion, time-lapse photography is nothing more than a story of which each chapter is a fixed image, and I tend to believe that a story only remains if it is shared.

Since then, I am learning, experimenting and perfecting myself in this field for the sole purpose of producing video sequences of the highest possible quality.

Charles Spencer Chaplin is one of my models. He wrote: "Imagination means nothing without doing."